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Professional Services

At CENSEO, the services offered by our acoustical engineers range from basic acoustic solutions to integral project designs for state-of-the-art infrastructures. All projects, big or small, are handled with the same detailed professionalism and care. We recognize the importance of getting to know the project and understanding the effects of each decision being made, particularly those that impact the surrounding community.


Being able to hear effectively is one of the top priorities in a wide range of occupied spaces. Schools and universities depend upon quality acoustics to enable educators to teach students; worship spaces utilize sound for praise and the sharing of an important message; conference halls rely upon sound for enjoyment of music, presentations, and clear communication in a variety of media. Censeo AV+Acoustics will address the acoustics, noise, and vibration concerns of any project to prevent problems before they occur.


The use of AV systems is now commonplace in all types of spaces from executive boardrooms, classrooms, and conference centers, to hospitals, courtrooms, and resort spas. Our AV design services are comprehensive and detail orientated, ensuring a smooth running project from concept design to completed construction. We provide full AV system drawings and specifications that are ready for competitive bidding by AV contractors and installers. Our design services include many types of audio and video systems.


Acoustic Testing, Active Noise Cancellation, Architectural Acoustics, Audio Visual Consulting, Audio Visual Design, Building Vibration, Environmental Noise Assessment, Expert Witness Testimony, HVAC Noise and Vibration Control, Impact Insulation Class Testing (IIC), Industrial Noise Assessment, Noise Abatement, Noise Consulting, Performance Lighting Design, Privacy Issues, Product Noise Control, Room Acoustics, Room Lighting and Shade Control Design, Sound Isolation, Sound Masking, Speech Privacy, Sound Transmission Class (STC) Testing, Stage Rigging Systems, Stage Pit Lifts, Vibration Isolation, and more.


Because of our intimate size and specific focus on AV and acoustics, we are able to provide full, personalized expertise from an acoustical engineer to each of our projects. Our team discusses solutions, becomes acquainted with other professionals on the project, listens as our clients describe their needs and desires, and most importantly, devotes individualized attention to achieving exactly the right design solution for the AV or acoustical engineering project.